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Discovering the Power of Sharing Your Faith: Insights from Pastor Alfred Cherubim’s Book

Pastor Alfred Cherubim’s book, Sharing Your Faith and Testimony: Trusting God Fully and Completely is a must-read for all Christians seeking to boost their faith. It is one of those works that can provide life-changing insights. That’s exactly what I had when I read it.

Pastor Alfred’s Testimony

The book is a testimony of a man whose journey in faith spans decades and continents. Born in Sri Lanka, Pastor Alfred and his family were victims of the ethnic riots of 1983 that targeted the Tamil community. They moved to India where they stayed for seven years before returning to his home country. In 2001 he and his family moved to Canada where he now stays. 

Wherever he lived Pastor Alfred continued his ministry and he worked to spread God’s word. In Sri Lanka, he started an orphanage called “COME HOME” (Children Out of Motherly Embrace, Hope Offered with Maternal Enfold) where he gave the children who lost their parents during the ethnic riots a Christian education.

In Canada, he established the Redeemer Christ Assembly in Brampton. He has continued to write and publish books in Tamil and English. That’s how he has continued to prove his faith in the Lord and he has written the book that is his testimony.

Insights about Faith from Pastor Alfred Cherubim’s Book

Personally, the section of Pastor Alfred’s book that gave the most insight was the one about the reasons why we should share our faith.

Sharing of faith is a practice that can be found in most of the religious traditions of the world. As Christians, it is a central part of our faith because God has commanded us to spread word about Him and his mercy. 

Pastor Alfred has given seven important points as to why we should keep on sharing our faith. All of those reasons point out to the core responsibility that we have as believers.

  1. Sharing our faith is anchored in the divine commandment. 

    Throughout religious texts, believers are often exhorted to spread the message of their faith. For Christians, the Great Commission articulated by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew (28:19-20) is a cornerstone directive. This commandment establishes a responsibility for believers to actively engage in sharing their faith with others, both near and far.
  2. Sharing one’s faith is an expression of love for God. 

    When we share our faith in God it is a way for us to demonstrate our love for Him. Our actions are in directi obedience to His will. There is no better way for us to affirm our love for God than through sharing and celebrating our faith in Him.
  3. The acknowledgment that all are lost underscores the urgency of sharing one’s faith.

    All are lost in sin. That concept is something that is integral to the Christian faith just as the fact that Jesus saved us all is central to it. By sharing our faith with others we are acknowledging the fact that we require saving. We are showing our desire to share God’s salvation to everyone. 
  4. Sharing our faith aligns with God’s chosen method of conveying His message to all people.

    We are God’s instruments for conveying His message through the world. The best that we can convince other people about His message is to proclaim our own faith in Him. We become living witnesses to His mercy.
  5. Sharing our faith reflects God’s desire to save all people.

    In Christian theology, God is portrayed as being loving, inclusive, and universal. He is there for the entire world and no one will be excluded from His salvation and mercy. By sharing our faith, we are embodying the exclusivity of God’ s desire to save all people. 
  6. The influence of those who shared their faith with us serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of such actions.

    You might have started your Christian because someone shared their faith with you.   This personal experience underscores the transformative power of sharing one’s faith and the ripple effect it can have on individuals and communities.

  7. The anticipation of Jesus’ imminent return impels believers to share their faith with a sense of urgency.

    As Christians we fully believe in the second coming of Christ and there is no stronger motivating factor for sharing our faith than that. We feel the urgency of telling others about the importance of believing in Christ and accepting Him into our lives.

Sharing one’s faith is not merely a religious obligation but a profound expression of love, compassion, and obedience to God’s commandments. By recognizing the universal need for salvation, understanding God’s chosen method of communication, and embracing the transformative power of faith-sharing, believers can actively participate in God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

Those are the main insights that I received from reading Pastor Alfred’s book. Get a copy of Sharing Your Faith and Testimony: Trusting God Fully and Completely and receive help in improving your faith in God. Pastor Alfred is a prolific author who has written several books in English and in Tamil.



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