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Pastor S. Alfred Cherubim: A Life of Faith, Service, and Hope

A life of faith, service, and unwavering hope, such as the one lived by Pastor S. Alfred Cherubim, stands out as an exceptional example in a world filled with tales of trials and triumphs. The remarkable journey of his life has taken him from agricultural service to evangelism, humanitarian work, and pastoral ministry, leaving a profound impact on countless lives in the process. 

As a member of a Tamil family from Sri Lanka, this blog article explores the remarkable life and career of Pastor Alfred Cherubim, who is the current Senior Pastor at Redeemer Christ Assembly in Brampton, Canada.

From Agriculture to Ministry

Despite his modest beginnings, Pastor Cherubim’s life has left an indelible mark on the world. After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to serving as an agricultural officer for the government of Sri Lanka. However, his life took a transformative turn when he was called to a different form of service—joining the National Council of the YMCAs of Sri Lanka. Within the YMCA movement, he emerged as the pioneer director of the YMCA Youth Training Center and later assumed the role of Associate National General Secretary of the National Council of the YMCAs of Sri Lanka.

A Family’s Journey through Adversity

The Cherubim family’s life underwent a profound transformation during the tragic events of the ethnic riots in Sri Lanka in 1983. In the aftermath of this devastating period, they were compelled to seek safety and refuge in India. During their time in India, Pastor Cherubim and his family discovered a renewed sense of purpose through their service to the YMCAs of Hyderabad and the National YMCAs of India in New Delhi. It was during this period that Pastor Cherubim engaged in evangelical work and led many individuals to embrace faith in Christ. Two of the individuals he led to Christ have since become full-time pastors, establishing churches in Andhra Pradesh, India.

A Beacon of Hope: “COME HOME” Orphanage

In 1990, Pastor Cherubim and his wife, Mary, returned to Sri Lanka, driven by compassion for the people of their homeland. In response to the aftermath of the ethnic riots, they established an orphanage called “COME HOME,” which stands for “Children Out of Motherly Embrace, Hope Offered with Maternal Enfold.” This orphanage was created to provide care for children who had lost their parents during the riots. The Cherubims adopted 53 boys, providing them with education and nurturing their faith in the Lord. Among these children, three have become full-time pastors, while several others have emerged as faithful leaders serving the Lord in various churches across the country.

A Canadian Calling

In 2001, Pastor Cherubim and his family made a significant move to Canada. It was there, in Brampton, that he founded Redeemer Christ Assembly and where he continues to serve the Lord to this day. In addition to his pastoral ministry in Canada, he has made a substantial impact through his prolific writing and publishing efforts. With seven Christian Tamil books and two English books to his name, he has addressed a wide range of spiritual topics. Furthermore, Pastor Cherubim regularly contributes Christian articles to popular Tamil newspapers and Christian magazines.

A Global Ambassador of Faith

Pastor Alfred Cherubim’s dedication to spreading the Gospel extends far beyond Canadian borders. He has visited numerous countries to preach and bear witness in Tamil churches. Through his efforts, countless individuals have embraced Jesus as their personal Savior and experienced the transformative power of faith.

Books Authored by Pastor S. Alfred Cherubim

English Books:


      • Sharing Your Faith & Testimony

      • Marriage is Honourable

      • Glorious Names and Titles of God Almighty

      • Miracles of Jesus Christ & His Apostles in the Bible

    Tamil Books:


        • Fear Not

        • Sin Not

        • Be Holy

        • Word of God – Living Word

        • Worship Not the Creations – Worship your Creator

        • God the Holy Spirit

        • Power of Prayer

        • Baptism

        • Christian Unity

        • Importance of Revival


      Pastor S. Alfred Cherubim’s life journey is a testament to the enduring power of faith, resilience in the face of adversity, and a heart filled with compassion. His unwavering commitment to serve the Lord, both in pastoral ministry and humanitarian efforts, has left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals. As he continues to inspire, encourage, and bring hope to those he encounters, Pastor Cherubim stands as a true example of the transformative power of faith and a life dedicated to serving others.

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